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 Serving our senior community in its finest !


H   U   G   S

HUGS Group is an organisation that offers senior community nursing and rehabilitation services. The group is active in operating residential care homes for elderly, independent management for such homes on both commercial and operation basis, private nursing and live-in helper agency and capital management for investors who share the same vision and mission. HUGS is committed to bringing the finest health care and rehabilitation services to every senior individual, with innovative perspective the group pledges itself to becoming the best elderly service provider in all areas.

“Stay young and healthy with HUGS”


M Y  A P P R O A C H

Serving our senior community in its finest

We first approach forming HUGS Group based on four elements in attitude, namely, hospitality, understanding, gratitude and sincerity. First letter of each element makes up the word HUGS. This is the moral we believe the group should carry and eventually it forms the cornerstone of the group’s growth.


No success is made without a dream and our dream has always been reciprocating our gratitude towards our senior who once taken care of us in the form of a better living condition. In the use of art and technology at our residential care homes, we hope to inspire both our caregivers and senior residents their desire to continuously improve quality of life and work. The group has been actively acquiring in recent time homes that are lacking of inspiration and motive to improve, by implementing our unique management ideas, our high regard towards one’s need of dignity, our unconditional persistence towards quality of service, we hope we deliver to our seniors an unprecedented experience living in our care homes.


The group has also been active extending its presence in private nursing and market solution for fellow industry individual and or organisation. Keeping always in mind the moral of our group we hope to bring more success and new energy to the industry.

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